Aging – What to Expect? Reverse-Aging?

Aging. Reverse Aging with Bio Young Amino Acid Complex

There are a lot of myths and fears surrounding aging. For many, getting older means physical decline and weakening. In reality, growing up is just another part of life. This process takes time, and the idea is to enjoy the journey. However, there are those who feel that this process is getting ahead of them. Find out what aging is like and what to expect from it.

When does aging begin?

There is certainly no exact definition of aging. Thus we can only talk about it as a social-psychological phenomenon. Although, of course, from a biological point of view, bone mass no longer increases from the age of thirty onwards.

And from the hormonal aspect, women experience menopause at a certain age, and testosterone decreases in men as they get older. Some even claim that the brain loses plasticity as we get older, so we stop learning as much as we used to.

But the truth is that aging is not a pathology. The passage of time may be evident in each person in a different way, and different factors will influence this. Some people will tend to get sicker, and others will have a healthier aging. Ultimately it will not be the same for everyone.

Difference between chronological age and biological age

Aging can be divided into chronological and biological age. This is the best way to explain why some apparently age earlier than others.

Chronological age is basically the number of years we have. That number that appears on our ID and with which we present ourselves to others.

Biological age, on the other hand, is the age we appear to be. This is represented in our physical appearance, and will be influenced by different factors.

For example, there are people who look 40 years old, both in terms of their physique and physical strength, but surprisingly they are 70. Generally these are people who take care of themselves and maintain a healthy lifestyle. In some cases, genetics also plays a role.

Healthy Aging Couple Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy Aging

So, how can we achieve healthy aging in due time? First of all, you should start taking care of your health when you are young. Incorporating healthy habits into your routine is the key to aging healthily and avoiding future health problems.

Some good habits you can incorporate into your routine are:

  1. Regular training is essential to maintain muscle mass and thus delay the feeling of fragility and dependence.
  2. Good nutrition is fundamental for healthy aging. Reducing fat and increasing the consumption of fruit, vegetables, fiber and sufficient protein (Amino Acids) are something you can start applying today.
  3. Get regular medical checkups. The body is a machine and as such needs to be checked up on from time to time.
  4. Train your mind. Performing simple memory exercises such as remembering your shopping list or memorizing phone numbers will help you exercise your brain and keep it fitter for longer.
  5. Tobacco or alcohol contribute to the risk of diseases that deteriorate physical and mental health. Ending these habits as soon as possible will help your body recover as quickly as possible from the negative effects of these habits.

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