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Aging – What to Expect? Reverse-Aging?

Aging Reverse Aging

There are a lot of myths and fears surrounding aging. For many, getting older means physical decline and weakening. In reality, growing up is just another part of life. This process takes time, and the idea is to enjoy the journey. However, there are those who feel that this process is getting ahead of them. […]

Postpartum Symptoms (Baby Blues After Child Birth)

Postpartum Mum Depression Hormonal Changes

Giving birth is a wonderful act for many mothers, mainly because of the longing to hold their baby for the first time. This brings a lot of joy, but it can also bring with it many postpartum symptoms. These symptoms can be especially alarming for first-time mothers, so we will try to clarify some doubts […]

Hair Loss: Why It Occurs, Treatment and How To Prevent It

Man concern hair loss.

“I have concern about my Hair loss Condition..” Hair loss is one of the most common aesthetic concerns of the population. Although it is normal for some hair to fall out over time, in some cases this can be excessive and worrying for those who experience it. There are several reasons why hair may begin […]

Poor Blood Circulation (Symptoms and Solutions)

Blood circulation

Sign of poor blood circulation problem Poor blood circulation is actually a sensation that affects many people in their daily lives. In many cases, it may simply be numbness of a part of the body when they stay static in one position for a prolonged time. In other cases, though, it may imply something else. […]

“Muscle Loss, how to prevent it?” (Causes and Solutions)

Elders with healthy muscle mass, without muscle loss problem.

Muscle Loss During Old Age Starting at age 50, many people begin to muscle loss, and decrease in strength. This is known as sarcopenia, and it is quite common in older age. However, recent studies have shown that muscle loss in old age can be prevented. We tell you all about it! How does muscle […]